The house is developed as a collection of rooms stepping down towards the patio.

Location: ­­Palma de Mallorca ­
Client: Private
Size: 200 m2
Year: 2022
Photos: Luís Díaz Díaz. Jaume Rebassa


The Split house is located in a low and dense neighbourhood of the city of Palma, with predominant row houses with patios. The area was built to accommodate the workforce of the local industries of the early 20th century. Workforce are documented in the region of thousands, defining an industrial zone within the city fabric. Accommodating such a large workforce required a large housing solution, as the migration from the countryside to the city was already beginning. Simple row houses were the common solution, but the area is also dotted with a typology of bourgeois villas for foremen and business owners. With their monumental proportions and ornate façades, they often involved local artisans to recreate the sense of urban palaces, where elevated living stepped out of the ordinary. The Split house aims to contribute to this network of monumental buildings, through the language of the façade and urban


Efforts have been made with resources, maximizing the use of bio-based materials such as wood and natural cork to create constructive solutions that minimize the consumption of incorporated and operational energy. For the construction of the Split house, 58m3 of wood were used, achieving a storage of 52Tn of CO2. Special attention has been paid to the execution of the air-tight envelope in order to reduce operational energy to a minimum.